• Dorell Green

The Transition

During our meeting with the transplant Doctor he went into great detail regarding how the procedure works and the complications involved. The Doctor explained that Haylee would assume the donors internal operating system. Whatever the donors blood type was, she would have. Their immune system would become her immune system. I could see the wheels of Haylees mind turning as the Doctor was talking. When he was done he asked if there were any questions. With a dead serious face Haylee asked since Gavin was her donor and she would basically have his blood running through her system, would she also start to look like him. Oooooh this was gold. The Doctor has a puzzled look on his face. I explain to the Doctor that her younger brother is very muscular and she’s worried about growing traps, back muscles, tree trunk legs etc.

The Doctor chuckles and says no. Before he could say anymore I tell Haylee that she could possibly grow a penis since Gavin is male and the transplant will also increase her testosterone. The Doctor looks at me and I give him a wink to let me run this. Haylee tells me to stop exaggerating, but I’m just getting started. I tell Haylee it’s not uncommon for women to grow a small penis when receiving bone marrow from a man, complete BS on my part. I tell Haylee that her ovaries could also swell to the point they pop out forming little man balls. The Doctor now has his head down trying not to laugh. Again Haylee tells me to stop and looks at the Doctor.

She knows all to well how I like giving her crap but the Doctor has yet to refute anything I’ve said so she has no idea if I’m telling the truth. I do offer her some good news on her transformation into a man. I tell her she won’t have to worry about bra’s, she can pee standing up, write her name in the snow and would no longer have to air out the under carriage. And since she’s mixed she could have a white or black penis or it might even be a cool Neapolitan penis with tiny man balls. I also told her that she should speak with her boyfriend regarding her upcoming changes so he wouldn’t be shocked when she whips that thing out the first time they’re intimate. The Doctor is tearing up from laughter and tells Haylee non of that is true. But it was funny. Haylee denies it but I had her thinking she would come out a man for a minute. Lol I know she’s plotting her revenge.