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My first massage

I’m not big on posting personal stuff, usually just updates on the family. But, this is a story that has to be told and will be worth the read. I have a strong dislike of people touching me, unless I know you well. For years Nicole has been trying to get me to have a massage. A few days ago I relented. My back pain was becoming to much. In my office building was a massage therapist. I ran into the therapist a while back and spoke to her about Gavin. She specialized in sports and deep tissue massages.

To be transparent she was on the cuter side. I asked Nicole to contact this person. When Nicole spoke to her, she was told that she was working from home. Nicole made an appointment for me and I asked that Nicole go with me. When we got to her residence and rang the doorbell an elderly hippy looking lady in a wheel chair answered the door. This was not the person I had met. We went inside and I asked her if she had an assistant. She told me no, the person I had spoken to was her partner who was pregnant so she was taking a break. The wheel chair did not bother me, I didn’t know how she could give a deep tissue massage while in it, and the place wasn’t very clean, plus she had a claw hand (that bothered me).

She stated she had a wheel chair that raises up so I felt a little more comfortable. She took me back to a room while Nicole waited. When we got into the room she told me to undress to my level of comfort and lay face up on the table, and left. I took my shirt off and stayed fully clothes from the waist down, including my Nikes. The clanging of her wheel chair into the door and walls alerted me that she had returned. She rolled over to my right side and began massaging my shoulder with hot rocks. Her hands were rough, which I thought was strange because they were covered in oil. At one point she stops and says “ Oh, you must be tender in this spot?” I reply yes and she says “I can tell, cause my feet are tingling.” A little weird but whatever. She asked me to roll over on my stomach and starts massaging my lower back.

Again she says she feels some tinder spots because “she’s tingling” no mention of her feet now. As she’s massaging my lower back she ever so gently pops a pinky into my butt crack. This cause’s me to clinch, like any normal person would. In response to me clinching, she begins pummeling my ass cheek with a closed fist saying “I need to loosen up the muscle.” She than proceeds to place her hands on my hip and push’s me back and forth causing my butt to twerk violently. No idea what massage technique this was, but i’m rolling with it.

I’m still laying face down and can only hear the creaking of her wheel chair as she rolls about. The next sensation I feel is searing heat from a rock she placed on my lower back. Reactively I clinch, kick my feet back and fart while screaming “DAMMIT!” Now I’m tense and embarrassed. After a few awkward minutes of silence she says “You eat a lot of protein.”

After she finishes, She asks me if I want a bottle of water. For what, to wash away the tears. No ma’am, I shall walk out of here with my head held high and my dignity intact and you might want to wash that pinky. As we’re leaving her wheel chair gets stuck and I have to wheel her out to the waiting room aka her living room where Nicole was waiting. We go outside and I’m wild eyed, covered in minty baby oil looking like an escaped slave. I could see Nicole’s shoulders bouncing in front of me. She turned around and was in tears laughing. She told me that’s what I get for thinking it was going to be the cute girl giving me the massage. She heard everything that happened in the room. Not once did she throw her cape on and try to save me. I’ll get my revenge. Sorry for the long story...Nicole and I can’t stop laughing about it.🙂

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