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Fun Times

Today I was able to convince Gavin that his donor procedure for Haylee would cause his penis to shrink and enlarge his testicles. I didn’t think I could pull it off since he knew what I did to Haylee. I made up details on how the medication he was going to take would stimulate the testosterone in his body causing greater cellular mitosis. The effect of this would be an increase in testicular size to compensate for the lower levels of testosterone. The testicular swelling would cause the connective tissue of his penis to constrict making it smaller, it’s called microphallus hypogonadism and completely made up by me. All of that confused him just enough. I had him on speaker phone with Haylee, Nicole and myself.

He was silent for a few seconds. I tell him not to worry they’re women out there who like men with a small penis and large balls. He than blurts out “mom”...”mom”, I knew he didn’t totally believe me but I sold it enough that he wasn’t sure. Nicole tell’s him that if it happens it would be temporary and size doesn’t matter. I quickly point out to Gavin that mom isn’t speaking from experience regarding size 🙂. I was so proud of Nikki for joining in on the antics lol.

Gavin is already terrified of needles, now he was thinking his penis was going to shrink and his balls were going to grow. I didn’t drag this one out for to long because he’s already nervous about everything, it did make us all laugh. I asked why he would even believe something like that and they told me I’m good at selling it. In two days I had Haylee convinced she was going to grow a neopolitan penis, and Gavin convinced he was going to grow large balls and lose a penis. I love being a dad 🙂

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