• Dorell Green

Bar Babies

Last night Nicole and I went to this bar called the Union Station. Haylee’s boyfriend was performing and I wanted to keep an eye on her. I haven’t been to a bar since I did bar checks on patrol, I’ve never been a fan of the bar scene. Nicole and I walk into the bar and take a seat with Haylee and all her friends. Her boyfriend ,Damian, was going on around 10. As we sat there I start scanning the bar. The bar consisted of the typical bar fly patrons, than I noticed something that threw me off. There were babies(plural) in the bar, three to be exact around 2-3 years of age. It’s 10 at night and there were babies in this bar. I immediately point it out to Nicole.

I’m no longer here for the entertainment, I’m now totally vested in what these bar babies are doing. What struck me as awkward is no one else seemed to be concerned about the bar babies, like it was totally normal to have a baby in a bar at 10 pm at night. I ask Haylee about this oddity and she tells me right before Nicole and I got there one of the babies was on stage performing....WHAT! Now my mind is blown, a rapping bar baby!

What I assumed to be the leader of the bar babies was this little guy with a pink Mohawk and a t shirt that said “I’ll take your girl” Which I have no doubt he could. I watched him walk around the bar and people move out of his way like Mike Tyson was coming through. He was mingling, taking drink orders, shoot’n pool, throwing darts, you know, typical bar baby activities. Right than It was obvious, it was not his first time in a bar. At one point he sees me looking at him. He gives me a head nod as if to say “Hey man, you never seen a baby in a bar before.” No sir I have not and I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life.

It’s approaching 11 pm. Two of the bar babies called it a night and left. The leader looked as if he was just hitting his stride. It was way past my bed time and Nicole and I get up to leave. The last image I had of the leader of the bar babies was him hitting the nae nae in the center of the bar. I took a quick picture of the leader for proof. I had to make it quick because I believe I would have been stabbed if he caught me. It’s a strange world we live in.