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Learned an interesting and disturbing fact about my daughter today. As she’s getting ready for her EKG, the nurse asks her to lift up her shirt so she could attach the leads. I’m sitting in a chair next to her and Nicole is sitting in a chair at the foot of her bed. Haylee lifts up her shirt and announces that she doesn’t like wearing bras. My eye balls were seared like I just looked into the Arc of the Covenant and my gag reflexes kicked in. Nicole says “Haylee, you need to support the girls and vent out the under carriage.” I believe I’m a good and open minded dad. I’ve spoken with Haylee about periods, sex and have been sent numerous times to the store on tampon runs. Nicole had to teach me about the proper use of tampons, that’s a different story. But I do have my limits. Listening to Haylee, Nicole and this Nurse discuss the importance of breast support and airing out vaginas was to much. I can see why the staff loves it when we come in. 🙂

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